2014 Yale Power Pallet (27" x 48" forks) - this is virtually a brand-new pallet truck. As can be seen in the picture, it has 66 hours use since it was new.

We took it in from a long time customer who decided to retire, so he sold us his Raymond Reach machine and this pallet truck.

If you want a virtually new machine at a great price, this is it...
Get on the 'phone now to come take a look...you will buy it if you are in need of a machine like this. It has a charger inside, so you only need to plug it at night, and when you come in the next morning, it is tready to work.

We have (96") 'long-John' power pallets as well if this is too short. We also have walkie-riders and stackers, both push-pull and self-propelled.

Transport is available locally or up to 100K for $100.00 + HST. If you are further away, we will get the best rate for you.

We love trade-ins. If you have an older machine, or yours just can't be certified any more, you can trade it in and upgrade to a better machine. We will come to your warehouse and give you an offer on a 'no-charge, no obligation' basis. We will pay you cash for your machine, or you can take the value off your trade-in.

If this machine is not the correct unit for your needs, please call, or shoot us a message with your requirements. We have lots of other good units in stock, stackers, both self-propelled and even high reaches, or double deep units as well. Just give us a chance to see if we have it in stock, or can get it for you.

Please call Mister MECHANIC 8am to 5pm Mon to Fri
@ 905-275-8072 ex 3

Thanks for looking!