We have just got in a few clamps attachments which are brand new and ready to go. We have paper roll clamps, box clamps, carton clamps, bale, push-pulls, rotators, etc. We have these trucks in all classes as well. These attachments can be installed on all classes of forklifts.

A clamp is a specialized attachment used in material handling equipment, such as forklifts, to handle and transport cartons or boxes. It is typically used in warehouse and distribution environments, where large quantities of boxed goods need to be moved quickly and efficiently. A carton clamp consists of two hydraulic clamps that are attached to the arms of a forklift. The clamps are designed to securely grip the sides of a box or carton, without damaging the contents. The operator of the forklift can then lift and move the box, without the need for pallets or other handling equipment. 

Paper roll clamps allow you to handle paper rolls regardless of diameter, weight or type of paper.

The paper roll clamp attachment is commonly used in the paper handling industry. This attachment is suitable for different types of machines. In addition to forklift paper roll clamps, we also sell the paper roll clamp attachment for telehandlers and skid steer loaders.

Industry-leading visibility.
Efficient hydraulic system which minimizes energy consumption and maximizes performance.

  • Clamp and backhand protection.
  • Flow divider for equal arm movement.
  • Top-mounted hydraulic cartridges and test port for ease of access and adjustment.
  • Sideshift circuit relief optimizes sideshift speed and performance.

Rugged design for optimal strength, durability and performance.

  • High strength steel frame.
  • Lubrication-free, full length UHMW bearings.
  • High strength steel castings.
  • Maximum clamp force for secure handling.

Efficient arm design.

  • Thin arm profile for manipulating tight loads between stacks.
  • Rubber-faced aluminum contact pads for secure handling of loads.

Designed for convenience and performance.

  • Integrated true centering key for precise and secure installation.
  • Available in two pressure offerings to match attachment to truck hydraulic system.

We have our own Roll-off trucks for immediate service.

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