New Hybrid pump truck with weigh scale @ 2950+tax

Brand new Hybrid pump jack!

This is the famous Hybrid pallet truck with a Digital scale. This machine will work as a power pallet truck to move the palletized cargo. It has a separate battery-operated weighing scale mounted on it with a large digital display (as pictured). Its gradability is 8% loaded and up to 20% empty.

This is the electric (drive only) Hybrid pallet truck and it also has a brake release. So if the battery is totally discharged, you can still use it as a regular manual pallet jack by using the brake release feature.

This is a 3000-lb capacity unit. The forks are 27” wide x 48” long. This unit is a pump-up only type. It comes with a 110V charger and it only draws a very small amount of electricity. You will get up to 4 hours of operating time per charge depending on the type of work you do. If you are using it for a full day and it runs out of power, you can simply change out the battery and continue working with the easily replaceable lithium battery. An extra optional battery is available for $295+tax.

You don’t need the whole machine to charge it up, just take the battery out and charge it up, it only weighs 6 lb so anyone can carry it. If you are moving cargo that needs to be weighed, you can keep the Hybrid pallet truck in your vehicle and just remove or replace the battery as needed.

It is also available as a fully powered (drive & lift) Hybrid pallet truck. If you need to have the power lift feature, it is also available in that configuration @ $2995+HST.

Another nice feature is that you can operate this pallet truck with the tiller arm in the upright position if you are operating inside a very small space, like the inside of a straight truck, and need to turn around with a pallet on it. You just turn it off, put the accelerator handle in the forward position, and turn it back on. You can then operate it with the handle in the upright position.

This Hybrid pallet trucks come with one-year parts warranty in Canada (transport and handling extra).

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Thank you for looking.