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At Mister Mechanic we are a Forklift Sales, Service and Rental Company and provide you with new and used ATF / Vimar / and...

Electric Warehouse

Do you have an older forklift which is coming to the end of its work life? We are a leading Forklift Sales and Leasing...


Do you have an older forklift which is coming to the end of its work life? We are a leading Forklift Sales and Leasing...


Our large forklift rental fleet that includes all types of lifts depending on your needs. We can develop a forklift rental plan for your...

Welcome To Mister Mechanic

Mister Mechanic has a complete Repair Shop Facility to Service your Lift Trucks and stock a full range of new and refurbished trucks.

Mister Mechanic has a wealth of experience in the Forklift Industry, since 1985, delivering forklifts ranging from the simplest pallet truck, to propane and diesel forklifts, to specialized reach machines, enabling us to offer personal advice and a vast range and choice of forklift trucks to provide you with the best forklift at the best price, for your specific handling requirement.

We are an authorized dealer of ATF forklifts and have been since they were introduced to Canada 7 years ago. They are manufactured in the same facility as other popular forklifts were, for many years, under license. Here at Mister Mechanic, we believe that quality service is the backbone of good business. ATF forklift trucks are held to the highest standards of performance and durability.


We carry an extensive inventory of new and reconditioned forklifts. Our certified and warranted used forklifts are supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Accessories & Parts

We carry a full line of industrial tires, forklift forks & extensions, and lift truck accessories to increase the productivity and versatility of your industrial material handling equipment.

Technical Excellence

Our knowledgeable staff is trained to provide the optimal material handling solutions to maximize productivity.

Winning Culture

We provide the products, and the productivity to meet all your warehousing needs.


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